Yes, again with the worldbuilding tropes.


This time I didn’t write it though. I’m not usually a huge fan of reblogging articles but since I’ve written a bit about this I figure I’ll throw this one in here. The only one I don’t entirely agree with is the faux medieval world one and I’ll go a little bit into why. Go read the article if you want and come back, I’ll wait……

7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction and Fantasy needs to Stop using

It really all boils down to comfort zone really, which is probably a cop out since I could study more about other countries. The problem is I don’t want to screw anything up, or misrepresent something. I know more about Europe/UK/US and not a lot about other cultures. It is sad but true. I can legitimately blame this on my schooling. I went to a terrible no good very bad ACE Christian school. You should definitely read up on it, especially if you are interested in ever writing about indoctrination or if you’ve been in that kind of situation… or if you are just morbidly curious. In any case one of the many problems with the school work is that it is extremely US centered. Even the materials they send to other countries don’t usually have anything extra in them as far as the history and culture of that country, just the good old USA. Now I’ve taught myself a lot more about Japan at least since I attempted being a Japanese/Ceramics double major in college. Again, I couldn’t handle going to college since I had a very awful school experience and was never taught to study or do research – just memorize everything for the test.

I have other cultures in my world, but I’m trying to blend different cultures together to make some that are both familiar and different. The area I’ve placed my story in is a small nation with a lot of trade from all over the place. My main city is a port and has tons of foreigners, ex-pats, and visitors so I can explore other cultures in a way that I hope won’t end up with me messing up. Anyway if you haven’t read the article go read it. If you want to give me what for in the comments and tell me why you do or do not write fantasy/scifi in a faux medieval world I’d love it!