First pieces out of the kiln!


I’ve been waiting for a long time for some of my pieces to be out of the kiln since the woman I’m paying to fire everything has her own work for the Tamarack and the work of her students ahead of me. All that has come out so far since they are just bisqued are some jewelry and four statues. One of the statues broke in the kiln and broke some more once I got it home. I’d expected that though because I didn’t do a good job. I want to redo it later in the style of the others. I don’t have those painted yet so I’m just going to post what I’ve got painted! I don’t have a pendant/bead tree for the kiln so it would cost a lot of money to glaze them since they’d all have to be lain flat so I’m making do with acrylics.

Crimson Butterfly

This is the first piece I did in the jewelry and Its all mine! The color isn’t very good in the picture but it is red with a brown background. It’s gilded with gold acrylic and around the edge where you can’t see is copper leaf. It’s inspired by Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly which is my favorite video game. I have a lot of stories about that game but I also have two crimson butterflies tattooed on my shoulder it means so much to me.

Violet Butterflies

These are purple with gold accents and are a commission from my boss for her daughters.

Lucky Blue Butterflies

I made these as sort of friendship pendants, not sure if anyone will want them though!


This is a Gemini bracelet for my friend Amber, I think I’ll tie leather strips to the sides and add a gold clasp.

Rose Garden Bracelets

I’m really pleased with how these turned out, although I sort of wish I’d bought silver paint for the blue one instead of gold. I have a few more of these to paint so I’ll get some silver before I do those.


I’m not so sure about this one, ha! It has a gold border and brown background and you can’t tell but it has a copper body and gold wings, ears, and claws. It looks a lot better in person than it does in a picture.

Anyway I’m really happy with these, I did four others that I’m not as thrilled with so unless I figure out how to salvage them I’m not going to bother posting them!