I love you, like the moon loves the tides
She flickers behind dark clouds
The shadows dance to celebrate her glory
A bright and shining example of the beauty I see in your heart
Your smile is ever in your eyes
Even when darkness finds your soul

Like a stormy sea your natural state is not destruction
You thrash and roll against the pull of the glorious moon
Demanding to follow your own path
But she always pulls you back
Because she knows the deepest fathoms of your heart
She whispers and you hear nothing but her voice

Harken to the night sky, to the great epiphany
To that moment shared between kindred spirits
Two separate souls desperate to emerge as one whole
The light and dark are always in balance
Always struggling for supremacy
Yet one needs the other to survive

The tides love their commander
Always prompt to follow the path
She guides her children to advance and to recede
As life often does, rising and falling
Stagnation is death, and she embodies the will of chance
The harbinger of change.

Oh moon, hanging ever in the darkness
The tides’ love for you will never ebb


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