Aching Heart


Monday’s finish the story’s picture is thus and my continuation is below!

They say that life is a game of chess. Personally if life is a game it is a more random and brutal competition than orderly squares on a board would have you believe. I recalled the game piece that had rolled into a crack in the ship’s deck, a silent reminder that I’d been playing a game with my beloved when the storm blew in. One moment just a clouded sky and the next a howling wind and pounding rain. She ran to grab Linnet and then. I slammed my fist into the stone wall beside the bookcase. The hole in my chest burned and ached fiercely and not for the first time did I look with hatred toward the metal cask that contained my heart. Even encased in a crystal shell it sent echoes of pain, of love lost, of my destroyed life. No, I’d find a way to continue my work, and stop the pain as well.

I hope you like this one, it was a lot of fun to write!

I’ll be honest, this is from the perspective of the villain in the story I’m writing at the moment. He’ll be introduced in the third chapter I think but it won’t necessarily be obvious. Really it is more of a bit of foreshadowing because he just seems like a victim in the beginning!

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