Lines of Power


A big of flash fiction from Monday’s Finish The Story

The inspiration was this image and I had 150 words to work with, not including the opening sentence provided. I didn’t see that part originally and wrote a ridiculous amount more because it had been so long since I’d done flash fiction. I used to write single page stories and figured that was what I would do. I managed to get it to exactly 150 words which makes me pretty happy. I used to challenge myself to write flash fiction at precisely 100 words, no more or less, and I loved being able to get it exactly. Anyway on with it!

Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water. There was a steep drop off at the edge of the rocky beach and Ansel dropped down into the cold water with a gasp. The water was calm here, no wavelets to disturb the glassy expanse of the lake, and she kicked off and lowered her face into it. She fought another gasp as goosebumps rippled her flesh, tightening the skin of her cheeks, and began to search the bottom.

Beneath the lake there was no calm, rivulets of writhing power squirming and rushed along the bottom, leaving deep furrows in the sandy bottom. She fought a shudder as she found the nexus point and grabbed hold of it. It struggled as she pulled it free and all the magic snapped away, soothed, and becoming normal ley lines again. The university was going to be pleased to finally be able to examine this. She grinned and paddled for the shore.

Hope you liked my interpretation!

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