So I haven’t gotten very far, but then I’m not really trying to win. What I’m trying to do is start writing, as much as possible as often as possible! That isn’t every day for me, but what I’m getting on the paper is making me very happy. I’ve finished chapter one! Here is the first two paragraphs of chapter two!

Chapter 2

My head snapped sideways as Marta landed a vicious slap to my cheek. I let her have the blow, I’d known her long enough to submit to her chastisement because any healer could put me together but she knew how to take me apart and I respected that. Her words were carefully quiet, only a thin door separated the hallway from the small room where Amba slept, but her tone was vicious.

“I don’t really want to know where you got her, so long as I know you aren’t taking her back there.” She hissed, her black eyes sparking with rage, her black curls were pinned in a severe style or I’d imagine they’d be throwing off real sparks. When Marta was angry enough she lost the tiniest bit of control over her power and it showed in ways that alarmed anyone who didn’t know her. The twin moons, the empress and her handmaiden, cast the only light in the hall. The silver glow drained all the color from her skin and she looked like a statue of a goddess. A vengeful one.

I’m really enjoying this new character, I hadn’t been planning on her becoming anything more than a random healer that he had gone to a few times, but now she has a backstory and a personality that I just knew as soon as I typed her name. Alright, now I have to go clean the whole house so I can write without worrying about it! Keep writing writers!

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