I Was A Zombie PI?


I found this the other day. I’d forgotten all about it since I literally write it in five minutes whilst half asleep: I had a dream where I was this character… I’ll just paste it here and see what people think. I would love to give this to someone as a plot bunny and see what they do with it in all honesty!


As I walked into the hospital lobby I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. The sense of revulsion that came from the nurses, the doctors, and everyone else continued to prickle the back of my neck as I entered the elevator. It’s sort of a given that I rode it up alone.  

The hallway on the burn unit was blissfully empty of people, and it took less skill that I would have thought to slip past the nurses station where a middle aged red-head was buried in a romance novel. 

I walked right in to room 217 and took a good long look at my friend. “Horace, you look like shit.” I drawled, my thick southern accent only slightly slurred. Even swathed in bandages and hooked up to machines he coughed a weak version of his booming laugh. As he continued to take in my appearance he continued to chuckle, and a little wetness seeped into the bandages around his eyes. 

“Maybe I should’a gone to Gideon too.” He said, getting control of himself. He seemed a lot more tired after his outburst of mirth. “Prob’ly would’a hurt less” 

I shrugged, then frowned as I felt something beneath my shirt crack a little. Brownish fluid seeped into my Hawaiian shirt, and I pointed to it. “Little more socially acceptable, goin’ to a hospital I guess.” 

Horace’s eyes crinkled in mirth, and he would have shook his head if it wouldn’t of hurt him so much to do so…


Since it isn’t obvious the MC and Horace were some sort of private investigators/bounty hunters of some kind. They had gotten into some dreadful trouble and there was an explosion. Horace ended up being found and taken to the hospital but the MC dragged himself half dead to Gideon who was a voodoo priest and turned him into a zombie to save his life. I’d love to have someone play with this!

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